Jerry’s Sno Cones opening new location in Cordova, voters get to decide a third spot

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A favorite Memphis staple is expanding!

Jerry’s Sno Cones has been around since the '70s and brings in customers from across the world since it's often featured in travel and tourism guides.

The owner announced this week they’re adding two more locations after looking at expanding for the past few years.

The Memphis staple is known for its sno cones with ice cream layered inside, but they also pride themselves on having a full food menu, merchandise and a place to relax.

“It’s grown, that’s all I can say," said owner "Jerry." "It’s a blessing from God.”

Jerry says as their fan base grows, it’s about time their reach does as well.

They’re breaking ground on a new location on Germantown Parkway and Bonnie Lane in Cordova next week.

The owner allowed the customers to vote on where to open the new location and 15,000 people responded.

“It’s a good feeling," he said. "We’ve got a really good positive response.”

It was such a good response, they're going to allow people to start voting next week for where a third location should be.

“We’re closest to this one, so we’ll still come here, but hopefully it’ll mean the lines won’t be as long," said customer Natasha Griffin.

The Cordova location will have the same look with breakfast and a drive-thru.

Jerry says they’ll also likely start accepting debit and credit cards instead of the current cash-only policy, but he says the changes won’t take away from the legacy.

“We’re not going to lose that vibe," he said. "It’s still going to be a Memphis-based business. It’s not ever going to be a franchise feel, even if we franchise, it’ll not be that.”

If you want to have a say in where the third location will open, you can vote at the current location on Wells Station Road in Berclair starting Tuesday.

Votes will be accepted until the end of summer.