Police searching for suspicious man found looking into woman’s home in Midtown

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police are searching for a suspicious man caught peeping into a woman's window in Midtown.

Officers said her neighbor saw the man lurking outside her home in the 1700 block of Tutwiler and confronted him.

"You just have to help watch out for everybody," said the neighbor.

He wanted to keep his identity hidden for safety reasons but wasn't afraid to tell WREG what he witnessed.

He said he took his dog outside, saw his female neighbor leave and then seconds later a stranger pulled up and got out of his car.

"He hid in between our houses in a dark area and was waiting for her to come back home," he said. "I was assuming he was either going to try to look in her window or attack her."

He said he walked over, confronted him and then called police as he followed him down Tutwiler and throughout Midtown in his car.

The stranger got away.

Police said they didn't know what the stranger's intentions were, but they're following all leads to try to find him.

"It was weird that he went back out there after she left. He saw her pull off and leave," he said.

Meanwhile, the woman who lived in the home is unnerved.

"I've talked to a lot of police officers about it and stuff today. Getting extra patrol around the house and telling my roommates to be aware when getting out of the car and leaving the house," she said.

Police released a vague description of the man.

The neighbor snapped a picture of the car, a red sedan with drive-out tags, but police have yet to release the picture.