MPD: Armed robber near U of M told victim he ‘oughta rape’ her

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A 27-year-old man’s in custody after police say he robbed two women near the University of Memphis at gunpoint and threatened to rape one of them.

The incidents were reported half an hour apart from one another early Sunday morning.

“At first she was very, very shaken up," said the first victim's daughter. "She was like, 'I’m not going outside anymore.'”

She wanted to remain anonymous but told WREG's Bridget Chapman the story of her mom being robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning.

She said she was walking back from the Circle K across the train tracks to their apartment on Southern Avenue around 2:30 a.m.

“As soon as she was going to walk up to the complex, someone came behind her and was like, ‘I oughta rape you.’”

She said the man who’s being identified as Michael Hurst, 27, then spun her around and pointed a gun in her face.

“It’s crazy they would target a 60-year-old woman," said Corey Miles, who lives next door.

Hearing the full details of what happened terrified the victim’s daughter.

“I cried because I never knew how serious like it was," she said.

She said the suspect only got away with $1.50.

“A dollar and fifty cents. He was going to rape and kill her for a $1.50.”

Officers said Hurst ran off and found another victim about half an hour later.

Police said the second robbery happened about a half mile away on Patterson Street where a woman parked and was leaving her car.

Detectives said Hurst pointed the gun at her head and told him to give him everything she had, then struck her in the head with the gun and snatched her purse before running.

“The crime in this city is getting unbelievable," said the first victim's daughter.

She said she’s glad police were able to make an arrest and that both women are OK but wishes no one had to feel unsafe while walking, regardless of what time it is.

Police said Hurst was caught with the handgun shortly after the robberies and admitted he committed the crimes. He’s charged with aggravated robbery and attempted aggravated robbery.