MPD: AR-15, ammo stolen from car in hotel parking lot in Midtown

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- An AR-15, ammo and a bulletproof vest are now on the streets of Memphis.

Police said a man staying at the Holiday Inn on Union in Midtown woke up Sunday morning to find his truck's window busted.

He told police someone took his custom gun, 300-400 rounds of ammo, a bulletproof vest, camera and more.

In the last month, an AK-47 and NPAP were reported stolen in Frayser.

Police said a crook broke into the home and swiped the guns stored under a bed.

Also, 67 guns were allegedly taken from a semi-truck parked at Academy Sports in Olive Branch, including rifles, handguns and AR-15s.

"That's why we are asking our citizens to be responsible gun owners. Keep your guns secured," said MPD Director Michael Ralligns.

Rallings said it's important people keep their guns locked up even in their cars.

Recent crime numbers from MPD show a steady increase from 473 guns stolen from cars in 2014 to 851 in 2016, and so far this year, 340 were reported stolen.

"If you think about guns in cars and the impact its had, it continues to grow. It's frustrating to see that our officers are out there and have to encounter these individuals on the streets," said Rallings.