Gas station owner comes face-to-face with crooks

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis police knocked on doors and canvassed an apartment complex on Mendenhall Monday morning after a Citgo gas station across the street was targeted by crooks.

Employees at the Save A Minute Market were busy cleaning up the mess the thieves left behind.

"They disconnected electric from the back side of the store."

The three burglars armed with a shotgun broke the padlock on the gate and then the window and squeezed inside the store, Hayel Fleig said.

They got away with some cigarettes, cigars, lottery tickets and cash, but not before coming face to face with the owner.

Employees said when the owner got here around 5 a.m. the three burglars were still inside.

When the owner opened the door, Fleig said they pointed a gun at him. Fortunately, he said he was able to shut the door and get away.

WREG watched as police took two people into custody at the Cambridge Station Apartments across the street. No word yet if they are connected to the case.

So far, no charges have been filed in the burglary, turned robbery.