South Memphis neighborhood on edge after back-to-back shootings overnight

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Two drive-by shootings just one block apart from each other both happened within minutes of each other.

Late Sunday one of those men was still in critical condition after undergoing several surgeries; the other victim is expected to recover.

For Erika Turner, the clock struck midnight on Sunday and bullets flew from all directions into her house.

"As I get to my living room my brother is laying in the living room saying he has been shot in the chest," said Turner.

It was the wake-up call she won’t forget sealed with the sight she still can’t erase, walking out her bedroom to find her brother, 28-year-old Edward Pierce, clutching his chest after being shot in the chest and back.

"It’s a lot of gang members that be coming up and down the street. I don’t know if they be staking the house, but my house was shot 17 times with a AK-47. They ended up getting my brother with three out of 17.

She says as soon as police got to her brother’s side, there was another shooting a block away on at Carver and Frisco…a drive-by. Turner hopes the person hit in that shooting survives as she continues to pray that her brother also pulls through.

"He can’t speak, he’s in critical condition," added Turner.

Turner says she’s moving out even though she can’t simply move away from the nightmare she’s now living. She believes those early-morning bullets could have hit anyone.

"We had four children in the house, four adults at the time," said Turner.

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