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Mississippi father murdered in alleyway, no arrests made

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MARKS, Miss. — A North Mississippi father was gunned down inside of his car in an alley. So far, police say they have no leads, but the family believes he knew his killer.

"He was 32 years old. His birthday would have been next month; he would have been 33," said the victim's mother Gwendolyn Toney.

A life snatched away just before blowing out another set of birthday candles.

"Had to be someone he knew, that he really trusted to be in the car with him. My son struggled, he was really fighting for his life,"added Toney.

Gwendolyn Toney says her son Gustavos Toney was killed in this alley near Main Street Late Monday. According to police, he was shot more than once by someone inside of the car with him.

The family held a vigil near the alleyway along Main on Saturday. Some of the balloons are now deflated, but the family still has no answers and police are yet to make an arrest in the murder.

"Somebody saw something that night," added Toney.

Yellow tape is still draped in the alleyway, but there's not a trace of closure in sight.

"Now it's the time to talk and they zip-lipped, don’t nobody won’t to say nothing," said Toney.

This mother wants to send a message to those keeping silent while she suffers.

"What they were calling themselves robbing him of was his kids knowing him of him being a great father," said Toney.

She says whoever robbed and killed him didn’t just take away his life; they also took a father from his three sons.

"He’s going to have a baby that won’t even know his dad," added Toney.

A picture of his children still on the dash of his car, it seems even in his last moments the people dear to his heart were still near.

If you know anything about this crime, call Marks police.

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