MPD: Women swipe $4,600 worth of nail polish from Kroger

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police are looking for a duo who got away with thousands of dollars worth of nail polish.

It happened at a Kroger on Poplar near Kirby Tuesday.

The manager told police a pair of women walked into the store Tuesday, went to the beauty section, stuffed a basket with nail polish, then made a run for it.

Employees estimate they made off with $4,600 worth of police.

"How ludicrous is it to go to prison for stealing nail polish? But it happens," said Lt. David Ballard.

Lt. Ballard is part of the Area Law Enforcement Retailers Team, better known as A.L.E.R.T.

His job is to crack retail crimes like the polish theft.

"Stealing nail polish is not an opportunistic crime," he said. "A lot of the stores and a lot of these nail shops or these beauty shops will put in orders for known thieves -- this is what they want go get this for me."

The crooks get a cut and move on to the next order.

Ballard said they not only work to nab the thief, but they also go undercover to catch the buyers.

"We've run a few operations like this, and we will run them in the future," said Ballard.

Kroger said it is working with police and pulled security footage for investigators.

It reportedly showed the culprits get away in a light blue Malibu.

MPD said when it's ready to release the footage they will post it on Facebook.