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Fire rescue called after iguana discovered in Miami toilet

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MIAMI — “When I got there she told me there was a snake in the toilet.”

That was no snake Giselle Quintero’s mother saw in her bowl — it was an iguana curled up and comfortable.

“It was four feet with a tail. They thought it was a snake, closed the lid and left.”

They called 911. Sure enough, when Miami-Dade’s fire rescue’s venom unit got there and opened the lid, the iguana hadn’t moved a muscle

“It’s believed it came up thru the pipes,” said Lt. Felipe Lay. “They are great swimmers. It’s rare here but we’ve seen it in other places.”

Fire rescue grabbed the iguana and delivered it to a wildlife rescue.

It’s gone, but not forgotten.

“We just thought it was funny! Oh my goodness, what would you do if you woke up and found this in your toilet?”