A family in mourning as one suspect’s family speaks out

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MADISON COUNTY, Miss. -- "They killed my son, man."

Words no father ever wants to say, but ones this father can't stop saying.

"They shot him, bro. Man, they shot my boy, man. They killed my boy, man."

Six-year-old Kingston Frazier was discovered dead with a single gunshot wound in the back of his mom's stolen car more than six hours after his abduction.

"You took a child, a 6-year-old little boy, and killed him when you could have just dropped him off!"

The little boy's aunt told WREG his mother ran into Kroger around 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning to grab some medication.

DeAllen Washington, Dwan Wakefield, and Byron McBride/ Madison County Sheriff's Office

When she came back out, she told deputies her car was gone, but did not mention initially her son had been in the back seat.

"He`s dead and you don`t know what it feels like from the day he was born just to say that is just gut wrenching."

Authorities arrested three men they say are responsible: DeAllen Washington, Byron McBride and Dwan Wakefield.

Wakefield was a football player at Ridgeland High School.

"My son innocent."

Wearing a bullet proof vest because of the numerous threats his family has received, Dwan Wakefield, Sr. proclaimed his son's innocence.

"I didn`t raise him like that. I know my son. I don`t know what kind of peer pressure he was under or what`s going on, but I know my son."

Wakefield's father offered condolences to Kingston's family, some of whom he said he knows.

The Kingston family said they just want justice.

"They will pay for this ... dearly."

"What would you say to them?"

"You are going to die."