Vandal causes damage inside Geeter Middle School classroom

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It's business as usual at Geeter Middle School off Horn Lake Road after police say a vandal struck Sunday night.

A police report said authorities believe the vandal made their way into the school through an unlocked window.

Once inside they went to town, taking two fire extinguishers off a wall and spraying a classroom.

Multiple computers were damaged, along with work books and a $2,500 smart board.

"The school break-ins. That's sad! We didn't have stuff like that in the 80s and 70s," said neighbor Curtis Stanton.

School staff told investigators the person responsible for all the damage could be a former student who was expelled earlier this year.

They're hoping some photographs lead them to the culprit.

On Wednesday, Shelby County Schools said there was never any threat to students' safety and said it's disappointing someone would target a school.

"Thankfully this is not impeding daily lessons and the staff members are focused on finishing up the school year on a strong note- this won't stop them!" the district said in a message to WREG.

If there is some silver lining to this crime, the district said those computers that were damaged were already in the process of being replaced.