Two pharmacies targeted by crooks this week in Shelby County

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BARTLETT, Tenn. -- Crooks continue to target pharmacies throughout Shelby County.

WREG has told you about two recent cases where the thieves used a hammer and even a blowtorch to get inside two Walgreen's locations.

Wednesday morning, a third Walgreen's was hit in Bartlett off St. Elmo.

The window to the pharmacy drive-thru is now boarded up.

Pink signs citing “unforeseen circumstances” are also posted outside to warn guests they need to go inside when trying to pick up a prescription.

Bartlett Police got a call a little after 2:30 Wednesday morning to the store and discovered two men had struck a hole in the business.

The target was pills.

Walgreen's management said they still have to sort through what’s missing from their inventory, but damages alone are about $5,000.

Charles Crout moved to Bartlett for some peace and quiet. He was shocked to hear about this morning's incident.

"They got one last week I heard over on Stage Road," he said.

In that case, police said three men held up the Bartlett Prescription Shop, demanding certain drugs and cough medicine.

But it’s not just Bartlett.

Memphis Police are investigating a break-in at Christ Community Health Care off Douglass in Orange Mound that happened early Monday morning

In that case, the door to the pharmacy had been pried open. It’s unclear what, if anything was taken, but this isn’t the first time the spot that helps people in need has been targeted.

Surveillance video from last month showed two crooks trying to break-in. That time they weren’t successful.

Despite the rash of break-ins, Crout said he's trying to stay positive.

"I think the police are doing a good job out here and it’s just a few bad people messing up," he said.

It’s unclear if this break-in is connected to the others we’ve seen across Shelby County.