Family, friends want answers on the IHOP shooting suspect

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "The police don`t care, that`s how I feel. They don`t care," said Jarvis Dandridge.

Dandridge told WREG he want answers after his friend, Devin Wilson, was shot and killed at a IHOP.

Witnesses said he was protecting an employee when her ex-boyfriend showed up and attacked her.

"Real talk -- that hurt our soul. That man got kids, his mama out here, he has brothers," said Dandridge. "Man the police need to do something about it."

We reached out to MPD multiple times Wednesday asking if they will release the suspect's name. So far all they've said is that there is no additional information available.

WREG discovered the woman who was attacked was a long-time employee. Her manager said she hasn`t been back to work since the incident and they haven`t been able to reach her.

The woman's mother even showed up at the IHOP and said she's having a hard time contacting her daughter.

As questions remain who the killer is, Wilson's family and friends say they just want justice and some sort of closure.

"He was a good person. It was never nothing bad you could say about Devin. I miss him," said Dandridge. "I'ma miss seeing my dog. They took him from his kids and his momma."

"I've been on an emotional roller coaster, I'm okay and I'm not okay," said Katina Rounds, Wilson's mom. "I get sad just the thought not been able to have him anymore."