Teen in custody, police looking for another after 14-year-old shot

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Caught on camera: two young thieves looting an East Memphis home.

The clear video showed the young men planned for the heist, wearing white gloves as the strip the home apart.

They grabbed tablets and any money they could find.

At one point, an alarm even sounds.

Rhonnie Brewer and her daughter weren`t at their home off Leatherwood at the time, but said Saturday afternoon their phones alerted them to the break in.

"She`s like, `Oh my God mom these guys are robbing our house!` So I called 911 on the phone and I was talking to them as they were trying to make their way here and the guys are ransacking the house"

While she waited, Brewer watched helplessly.

"They were like pulling out every single drawer. They took everything out of my closets, and just stole a bunch of stuff out of the house, including my gun."

Police told WREG it was that gun that went off just 30 minutes later.

Brewer said police were actually at her home investigating when a call came over the radio saying a 14-year-old had been shot off Dearing just a block away.

A police report said some teens were messing around with the gun when it accidentally went off, hitting the teen.

Police said they do not believe the injured teen was involved in the burglary.

News of the shooting has been eating at Brewer.

"I was very devastated because, even though they broke into my house and stole it, I still kinda felt responsible for a child being injured."

After hearing that the teen is expected to be okay, she said she feels a sense of relief.

On Tuesday, investigators told us one teen is in custody for the burglary.

But Brewer believes there is an older gentleman who is behind some of the bad behavior by youth in the neighborhood.

And said she hopes he`s held accountable soon.

"What we`re thinking about doing is basically going door to door trying to get the neighbors together to keep an eye out for each other because apparently there`s been more than one break in in the neighborhood."