Suspect shot as drug warrant was being served in Southaven

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- Orange cones and a cop car blocked both entrances to Rosebury neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

Neighbors captured video and pictures as a chopper flew over the house state agents and Southaven police surrounded.

Officers said it all began when they tried to serve a drug warrant at a home late Tuesday morning on Roseleigh when gunfire broke out.

The man in the home was reportedly shot and rushed to the Regional Medical Center where he had to undergo surgery.

"You could see bandages. We saw his head lift up."

Triston Harris was at his buddy's next door when it all went down.

"Pretty much a lot of cops outside running back and forth. They had guys with bigger assault rifles out."

His friend ran outside too.

"Brought my camera and started taking pictures of the crime scene."

Benton Hung shared his pictures with WREG.

Meanwhile, neighbors patiently waited to get to their homes, wondering what happened inside their neighbor's home.

"Not something we expect here. Not sure what house it is. We kind of have our suspicions."

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation said they are conducting their own separate investigation since this is an officer-involved shooting.