Family says Wynne woman who died last week was murdered

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WYNNE, Ark. -- Police in Wynne, Arkansas, are investigating the death of 46-year-old Emma Jean Hare, who was found in her home last week.

They've labeled her death as suspicious but said they don't believe any foul play was involved.

However, the woman’s family told WREG they’re certain it was a homicide.

“She was gorgeous [and] nice," said her cousin Dorothy Sharks.

Friends said she could often be seen riding her bike around and offering a helping hand.

“She was concerned about other people, their welfare and sickness," said neighbor Sarah Webb. "She would do anything you asked her to do.”

Which is why her family was horrified to find her in the condition they did when they went to visit at her home on Cogbill Avenue last week.

“My auntie and me went over there that day, you know, and we were the ones who found her," said Sharks.

They said she was naked on the couch and unresponsive.

“Her face had beaten in so bad, you wouldn’t even know her," said Sharks.

They said she was brought to a Memphis hospital, where she died last Wednesday.

“She was a very, very kind person and she never bothered anybody, so I’m really hurt over what happened to her," said Webb.

WREG went to check with police on where they’re at with the investigation, but the chief told us they’re investigating it as a suspicious death at this point and don’t believe foul play was involved.

He said they’re also waiting for test results to come back from the crime lab.

Whatever the situation may turn out to be, if you have any information that could help police with this case, you’re urged to call authorities.

Police said they also served a search warrant on the house and are waiting for that evidence to get back as well.

We’ve reached out to the medical examiner in Little Rock to get more information on the autopsy and are waiting to hear back.