Police: Bartlett business owner, son robbed of $110,000 in driveway

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BARTLETT, Tenn. -- Police said a woman is out more than $100,000 after she and her son were robbed in their driveway.

The hardworking single mom owns her own business in Berclair.

"We're neighbors and we go to church together," friend Joel Qriostegui said.

Her friend told WREG she's now traumatized by what happened outside her Bartlett home Monday morning.

They said they think two men tracked her to learn her routine and followed her from her store to her house.

"They know where she lived, what to look for. Those kinds of things, you need to be following a person for a long time," Qriostegui said.

"The culprits must've pinpointed her from her store. That was just awful," neighbor Ann Ermer said.

Friends said the victim was loading her truck to take her son to school in the driveway when the masked suspects drove up in a Nissan sedan and held them at gunpoint.

"We noticed a small white car speeding in front of the house and knew that was totally not safe," Ermer said.

Police said the masked men got away with around $110,000 in cash and a designer purse with $1,500 in it.

Her friends said she was on her way to put the money in the bank.

"She has a business that makes deposits. After they make deposits to home countries, she takes this money to the bank. That's what she does every week," Qriostegui said.

Now, the woman is so traumatized she can't go to work, her friends told WREG.

Her son, 7, who saw the entire thing unfold, is also traumatized.

"He told her to hush, don't say anything. Don't make a scene over there. Pointed a gun at her forehead and her son saw that happen," her friend said. "She was crying. She was a mess."

As police search for the two suspects, friends said they'd do whatever they can to help her get back on her feet.