Family: Man who set himself on fire had history of abuse against ex-girlfriend

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The man who set himself on fire, taking his own life, on Facebook Live had a history of abuse against his ex-girlfriend and mental illness, the woman's family told WREG.

"She owns Move The Air Studio, which is attached to Murphy's," Sara Moore told WREG's Stacy Jacobson of her sister on Monday.

Moore said her sister is a sound engineer. She met Jared McLemore through the music industry while performing at bars like Murphy’s.

“I thought he was a wonderful partner for my sister. I didn’t realize how bad things had gotten,” she said.

Things changed last August when her sister’s boyfriend threatened her life and became violent.

On August 26, McLemore came home and said Moore had been flirting with people at work. He choked her, aimed a kitchen knife at her and told her he should kill her.

More documents showed she went to a safe place but he caught up with her the next day. He again threatened her life and then beat up her dad.

"I do know my sister did everything she could to protect herself from Jared and to protect him from himself. I know she went to police,” Moore said.

Records showed McLemore got probation for the incidents.

Then, she said the abuse continued last week.

"He did break into our house and threaten her with a knife just Wednesday night," Sara told WREG. "Mostly this was domestic violence. He attacked my sister more than once.”

She said her sister called police again and filed for a restraining order on Friday.

Sara said she doesn’t know if he was taking his medicine for bipolar disorder when he doused himself in kerosene on Facebook Live late Friday night.

“I’m hoping this sparks a conversation that leads to more steps, more women being believed, more people being taken care of, watched for," she said.

Experts also said the incident should serve as a reminder for red flags in domestic violence situations.

“I know he tried controlling who she talked to,” Moore said.

Experts said the best way for victims to protect themselves was to keep track and call authorities.

“Definitely don’t feel like it’s just a piece of paper. It’s a way of documenting those incidents that are happening,” said Mia Harvey with the Family Safety Center.

Records showed McLemore got probation for the two incidents last year. Moore said her family wished authorities could have done more.

“I wish he had gotten a prison sentence for doing this to my sister. Choking her and beating her and threatening to murder her multiple times should’ve been taken more seriously,” she said.

Experts said his suicide was characteristic of continued domestic violence tendencies.

“You do have abusers who accept harm. It’s a ploy to get the victim not to leave or to do something they want them to do or control them,” Harvey said.

Moore said she doesn’t know what more they could’ve done, but they hoped this started a conversation.

"What can the world learn from this about the steps that can be taken to prevent this from happening from anyone else?" Moore said.

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