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Young man calls 911 as friend tries to harm himself on social media

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MARKED TREE, Ark. — A young man’s quick actions helped save his friend’s life.

On May 4, Marked Tree Police received a call from the boy saying a friend was trying to hurt himself live on social media.

The caller said he could see his friend but wasn’t sure where he was.

After getting the friend’s name, officers rushed the boy’s last known location and began a search. Authorities said the caller remained on the line, giving police information about the boy’s surroundings.

A several minutes, the boy was located.

“The moral is, I couldn’t thank the caller enough for his calling. He didn’t understand. Folks this man saved the life of his friend!” said the police department on their Facebook page.

“A job Well done by all involved. Say a Prayer for the young man involved that he heals, and for the Emergency Responders that were there to help. I’m PROUD to be a part of this Team!”