Man says he was pistol whipped, robbed leaving work in Cooper Young

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police are looking for an armed robber who pistol whipped a cook leaving work in Cooper Young.

The victim, Oscaldo Canseco, told WREG the robber also choked him before taking his wallet and keys.

It happened just before midnight Thursday on South Cooper near Evelyn behind Soul Fish.

Canseco said it was pouring rain when he finished his shift Thursday night. He said he and his buddy were in a parking lot behind the restaurant chatting under a tree.

Canseco doesn't speak English. He spoke to us through our translator.

"We saw a guy walking towards us, and he already had his gun out," he said.

Canseco said moments later, the man dressed in all black wearing a red mask held a gun to his head.

"He told my friend Omar to sit down and not move, and he told me to sit down next to Omar. Because I didn't want to, he grabbed me and then he hit me upside my head," he said.

Canseco said the robber then put him in a chokehold, aimed the gun and took his money.

Police pulled the footage from a security camera pointed at the alley.

There's also other cameras posted in the area.

"It's working very well," said Aaron James with the Cooper Young Neighborhood Watch.

James installed cameras throughout the business district just like the ones in the residential area.

So far, he said the cameras have helped police.

They recently caught an armed robbery in the same alley behind Soul Fish, and a car break-in off Cooper. The footage shows legs flailing in the air as a person rifles through the car.

"To protect the people who want to come to Cooper young and have a good time," said James.

As for Conseco, the robber took more than his belongings.

"Of course I'm scared. I've been here for eight years and never had anything happen," he said.

Police said the same suspect went on to rob someone else at Barksdale and Jefferson near the Memphis College of Art.