Lee sisters honored for their civil rights work

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "We were arrested numerous times and at that time they called us the most arrested civil rights family."

Elaine Lee Turner is one of seven sisters who fearlessly fought for civil rights.

"Beginning in 1960 for the first sit in. My oldest sister Ernestine was a student at that time at Lemoyne College, and those students, along with the Owen students, participated in the first sit-ins here in Memphis."

Turner said Ernestine's arrest inspired her and her five other sisters -- Sandra Faye Lee Swift, Brenda Lee Turner, Peggy Jayne Lee, Susan Carlotta Lee and the late Joan Lee Nelson -- to join the movement.

"That is just what we did during those years of the Civil Rights Movement, and that was just our daily activities -- just something that needed to be done. And that`s what we did."

In March the sisters were honored with their own historical marker. It was an honor Turner said that was more than 50 years in the making.

"In many ways we have made some positive changes. Doors were open. We received some of the rights we were fighting for."

Paving the way for equality and ending discrimination and desegregation.