Governor Haslam brings the Capitol to Memphis classrooms

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam was in Memphis Friday as part of his Capitol in the classroom visits.

Aspire Coleman Elementary, in Raleigh, is part of the Achievement School District that has been taken over by the state.

"I learned its a long way from the capitol to the classroom and we want to make certain the things we're doing policy-wise really do help kids," explained Haslam.

Walking the halls with other local leaders, faculty and meeting the students of Aspire Coleman Elementary, an ASD school where ratings haven't been so hot.

"Well I think when you look at school turnaround efforts I think what history will show you is it takes a little time. It's not a one year deal, it's not a two year deal. We're in the third year here I think you'll see progress," explained Haslam.

The Governor said technically it's difficult to measure if the school has seen progress.

"Unfortunately with the issues we've seen last year with the TN Ready testing we didn't really get to do testing to see what happened," he said.

State Representative Antonio Parkinson, has openly been outspoken against ASD. WREG asked him what he thought about the Governor's visit.

"You know I'm honored that the Governor came here. Honestly. You know I wish he would visit some of the other ASD schools like Westside. There's a lot of problems there. My job is also to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars. You know we have a $103 million budget in the Achievement School District so we demand results," explained Parkinson.

Haslam says he's optimistic about the ASD's future.

"We think this school and other schools are on the right track."