Woman escapes from court, leads police on chase through Blytheville

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BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. -- Ayeshia Farris' dramatic exit from court still evokes snorts and chuckles all around Blytheville.

"That's my baby daddy's cousin."

A cousin police said led them on a three- block chase after bolting out of a courtroom Monday.

WREG has learned Farris was appearing in court on a battery charge when the judge ordered she be held for a second battery charge she still had a warrant out for.

That's when Gwen Huddleston said her sister saw Farris run out the building.

"All she seen was somebody running and the police was right behind them," said Huddleston. "She`s saying it was just funny."

What happened next was more dangerous than funny.

Police said Farris jumped in a car with 18-year-old Dequan Sims, then tore through town, blowing past a stop sign and nearly hitting five cars.

Finally, they said she got out and ran while Sims took off in her car. He was later captured by police.

Speaking to us through his door, John Sims told us he's Dequan Sim's brother and Farris' half-brother.

He said he's been at her home caring for her two kids the past few days. He hasn't heard a word from her.

"Kids need to be around they momma."

As for Farris, police said if you see her, call Blytheville police.