Pocahontas residents begin cleanup after historic flooding

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POCAHONTAS, Ark. -- A small Arkansas town is picking up the pieces following a week of historic flooding.

If you walk down any street in the Robil Addition neighborhood in Pocahontas, you'll hear fans whirring and see piles of belongings and debris littering every front yard.

"There was 18 inches of water measured throughout the entire house."

Anna Hawkins is trying to stay strong to rebuild again, but can't shake the memory of last time they were hit.

"It was horrible. I mean you see all your stuff just wet."

At the time, Hawkins said she didn't have flood insurance.

"My mom had died in 2009 and I had a bunch of her stuff stored in cardboard boxes and it all got ruined. I mean all our furniture, we had nothing."

"We were all told it was a 100-year flood that would never happen again," said Nelda Cooper.

Inside Cooper's house, water reached four-and-a-half feet. It was one of the highest in measurement in town.

"It's devastating."

Cooper said there are a lot of elderly people in the neighborhood.

"When their insurance was tripled, they had no other option but to drop it."

Now many people are left wondering how to move forward.

"We really do like living here but dealing with this... physically it's getting harder to do this stuff ourselves," said Hawkins.