Mississippi residents prepare for flooding

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TUNICA, Miss. -- It was a gorgeous Monday in the Mid-South. There were few clouds in sight but that doesn’t mean the water isn’t rising.

The swollen Mississippi is starting to flood some areas and some residents are seeing the affects.

Several people living in Mississippi can’t get into their homes at the Tunica cutoff.

Residents spent the day getting ready

"Right now we’re just getting all the stuff off the ground and up so that when the water comes in we don’t have to worry about it floating away. Taking down buildings or walls or telephone poles," said Melanie Sullivan.

Sullivan has done this before.

"This is pretty common. This year is really not that bad. We’re not planning to evacuate. Prepared to pull out if they have to," she said.

At one of the campsites on Monday one of the boat ramps was mostly covered. Residents said normally 30 feet would not be underwater.

"You can’t stop watching the water line wondering where’s it gonna go next? How far is it gonna go?” said Sullivan.

A little ways down the road several homes on stilts are already surrounded by water.

"There's seven or eight homes right there on the front road. But they know it’s coming, it happens every year. That’s the risk you take when you live in a flood zone. Some of them went to stay with relatives. Some of them this is just their hunting home or their summer home," said Clayton Adney.

Adney’s family has lived here for years. He’s seen his share of bad flooding. But living in a such a calm, serene place many residents are willing to take the risk.

He hopes this year won’t be too severe.

However families know there’s always the possibility and want to stay ahead of the water by making sure important belongs are up at high ground.

"As long as its not like last year. Because it was January and freezing and came on so fast," said Sullivan.

For now Sullivan says she’s looking forward to the fishing.

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