New homes expected to bring new life to Frayser

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- New home construction is expected to breathe new life into Frayser.

Neighbors hope the new additions will have a positive impact on the area.

"Back in July my house was broken into and of course not having a neighbor on either side no one saw anything,"said Sarah Eddington.

Eddington has been through the toil of living in Frayser, but the prospect of less vacant homes and more new neighbors gives her peace of mind. Especially, since she feels like crime has pushed some people out of the neighborhood.

"The lady behind me, she’s been over here for over 25 years," said Eddington

Eddington said one of her only neighbors moved shortly after July’s break-in. She said she believes that woman would have stuck around if it weren't for the crime.

More occupied homes will bring many back homeowners while driving out unwanted crooks, she said.

More neighbors means extra eyes and ears, listening and looking out for her at all times.

"Now, you know, if you’re at work doing what you are supposed to do and kids are at school doing what they are supposed to do you don’t have to worry about someone breaking in,"said Eddington.

The Frayser Community Development Corporation plans to build 10 to 20 homes using $475,000 in grant money.  Each home will have three to four bedrooms with two baths.

The new homes are expected to be priced between $65,000 and $70,000.

The first home will be complete this winter and more homes will soon follow.