Crooks steal wheels off Methodist Germantown patient’s car

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Chrysler 300 sits in a handicap spot in front of a local hospital, it's wheels gone.

"It`s just been, it`s been a nightmare."

Carol Holmes has been staying with her husband at Methodist Germantown Hospital.

"My husband had congestive heart failure," explained Holmes.

She thought she lucked out when she found parking right in front of the building, but then she got the bad news Wednesday night.

"Last night the nurse came in an woke me up and said 'I have some bad news.' Course first thing I thought was my husband. She said 'No, it's not your husband.' She said 'Somebody has stolen the tires off your car.'"

Germantown Police said a security guard first noticed the missing wheels and the car propped on a boulder.

Holmes told WREG she`s only had the car for about 6 months.

"When you get to be a senior citizen it`s especially hard because you can`t go back and reclaim everything you lose. You have to kinda go from where you are."

Holmes said she`s always felt secure at the hospital. Even police were surprised.

"They were just flabbergasted. They said they`ve never witnessed this at this hospital and especially in Germantown -- it`s just not a high crime area."

She had a message for the thieves.

"People work for what they have and if they went out and worked for things they could be a lot more productive."

So far Germantown Police said they do not have any suspects.

Holmes hopes to get wheels back on her vehicle in the next few days.

Diane Ridgway, Interim President for Methodist Germantown Hospital gave WREG this statement:

“At Methodist, the security of our patients and visitors are a top priority.  We regularly patrol the hospital grounds and control access to our facilities.  The combined effectiveness of our security team and the Germantown Police has historically maintained our campus as a very safe environment.  We are saddened by this event and are working closely with the Germantown Police Department on this ongoing investigation.”