Lawrence County residents bracing for flooding

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ark. -- Just 15 minutes from Jonesboro, Shae Pyles has become the unwitting owner of a lakefront property, after rising river levels sent water inching dangerously close to her home.

"I don`t think it`s ever come this close to the house before," she told WREG. "I guess we`ll be underwater like Pocahontas."

Pocahontas has been on her mind a lot lately.

From the air, only rooftops and the tips of trees peak out from the mass of muddy water that's swallowed that town of 6,000.

Officials confirmed a levees along the Black River was breached on Tuesday.

"We have over 500 evacuations that have been completed by the personnel deployed."

Governor Asa Hutchinson said he's sending more personnel to water-logged parts of the state including 108 members of the Arkansas National Guard.

In Randolph County, state officials said they've already taken part in several rescues on Wednesday.

As more rain falls tonight, flooding fears spread south to Lawrence County.

Already the water has cut off homes and made entire stretches of highway impassable. Towns like Portia and Black Rock are unreachable for drivers unwilling to make the two hour detour.

"It`s worse than 2011. A lot worse," said Pocahontas resident Pat Duckworth.

WREG spoke by phone with state emergency management officials who said they expect to see some pretty serious flooding in Lawrence County.


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