River still rising in Pocahontas, Arkansas

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Walmart store surrounded by water/Photo: Gov. Asa Hutchinson

POCAHONTAS, Ark. — Parts of the northeast Arkansas town of Pocahontas have been evacuated as the rising Black River nears record flood levels.

The river began rising during the weekend and more heavy rainfall is in the forecast.

The National Weather Service says the flood waters are expected to cut off access to highways and flood homes and businesses.

The Randolph County Office of Emergency Management says about 150 people are affected by the evacuations in east Pocahontas.

As of mid-morning Tuesday, the Black River at Pocahontas was just below 28 feet, already above the flood stage of 17 feet and major flood stage of 25 feet.

A Walmart store and other businesses are already underwater.

The river is expected to crest Thursday at 31.5 feet, or 3 feet above a record high set in the spring 2011 floods.

Walmart store surrounded by water/Photo: Gov. Asa Hutchinson