WREG takes a look at bullying reports, procedures at Tipton County Schools

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COVINGTON, Tenn. — “I don’t want any other kid or parent to have to go through this.”

A Covington family`s story about bullying in the Tipton County School District is spreading through the community.

On Friday, they told WREG’s Bridget Chapman their 14-year-old son was badly beaten at Covington High School by another student. They have created a Facebook page called “Stop the Bullying Tipton County” to spread awareness of what is going on.

The group’s numbers have more than doubled over the weekend.

Several people wrote about their own experiences of their kids being bullied. They said they wish it was taken more seriously.

“If anybody hears it, they need to report it,” said one parent.

In the 2014-2015 school year, there were a dozen of cases of bullying reported in the Tipton County School District. Only a fourth of them were found to have merit.

The two school years before that, there were nearly three times as many reports of bullying.

We reached out to Superintendent William Bibb requesting an interview about bullying procedures, but he said he could only briefly speak to us over the phone.

He told us they follow state law and have a policy on bullying.

That policy partly says teachers need to report bullying to the principal or a designated person, and they`re responsible for investigating and resolving the complaint.

It also says parents should get a written report on the investigation, which is why the family questions why they haven`t gotten anything from the district when they`ve reported bullying in the past.

The superintendent also told WREG schools are a reflection of a society and they do their best to take care of their students when they’re in their custody.

He wouldn’t comment on any specific cases of bullying.

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