Jonesboro residents cleaning up after flooding

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JONESBORO, Ark. -- Joseph Smith woke up Saturday morning to find about an inch of water saturating his home.

It's the third time in three years the houses on Mary Jane Drive have flooded.

"It was flooded out. Like, we needed boats out here."

Smith's girlfriend said she's downright sick of it.

"I just jumped up, started unplugging stuff and just grabbed my mop and stuff, and just started getting the water up. That`s all I can do," said Geselle Collier.

Next door, Smith's neighbor spent Monday ripping out carpets after his home was flooded as well.

Across the street, Bobby Webb was already in the process of moving this weekend.

"I`m moving, basically, because this area floods too easy," he told WREG.

He said last year his home filled with water, which he blames on a number of filled in ditches nearby as well as a nearby retention pond.

"They built it backwards, basically. All the water flows back this way instead of going into the retention pond."

The constant water may have some headed for higher ground, but for now, Smith said he's staying put.

"It weren`t all that bad, but I`m still kind of mad about it `cause water got in my house."

The National Weather Service said more than four inches of rain fell in the Jonesboro area.


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