Covington homeowners clean up damage caused by tornado

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COVINGTON, Tenn. -- Homeowners and workers are having to deal with huge cleanup projects after experts say what appears to have been a small tornado tore through Covington over the weekend.

"I heard this tremendous crack," said Jimmy Bragg. "I thought it was thunder or something until I found out later the tree had fell on the house.”

Bragg says he was on high alert over the weekend as he watched a storm power through Covington.

The storm caused a huge tree to fall on his roof.

“There have been some tornadoes that hit around us, but never this. Never.”

On Monday, we followed meteorologists with the National Weather Service as they assessed the damage.

“We’re trying to document two things: what exactly caused the damage and how extensive/how severe was the damage in the area," said Gary Woodall, a NWS meteorologist.

“Any time we have a tornado, it’s potentially a significant event," said Goodall.

He says this one appeared to be small.

They used technology to take notes on everything observed on Monday. They’ll then evaluate that information further once they’re back in their office.

“Hopefully, that could help us with future warning decisions with storms that look similar to this," said Goodall.

The largest amounts of damage were due to fallen trees and power lines. Crestview Middle School also had some minor damage.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the storm.

“I just thank the good Lord he’s always watched out for me," said Bragg. "We’ve been through a lot and this is just another step in life.”

NWS wants to remind everyone to make sure you have a safety plan in place for severe weather and tornadoes, so you’re prepared before they hit.

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