Bail bondsmen try to cash in on Mother’s Day: ‘The ultimate gift’

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NEW YORK — While many outlets are publishing Mother’s Day gift lists, none of them mention “bail money,” but enterprising bail bondsmen are trying to cash in on the holiday to promote their services.

A bail bond is a promise by an insurance company to pay the entire amount of someone’s bail if the accused doesn’t show up in court. The insurance company, through a bail bond agency, will charge a premium for posting the bond, often 10%. Bail bond firms can offer payment plans to people with good credit.

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Absolute Bail Bonds, a “family owned and operated” business with multiple California locations, under the headline Bring Your Loved One Home to Mom for Mother’s Day, offers the following heart-warming holiday image online suitable for framing:

(Absolute Bail Bonds)

The sales copy under the photo reads: “The ultimate Mother’s Day gift you can ever give to Mom would be the presence of a loved one whom she believes is stuck in jail…. Let us say that it is your brother who is in jail…. Surprise Mom for Mother’s Day and show up with your brother right by your side.”

Other heart-tugging promotions employed by Absolute and other bail bonds websites include:

  • A Mother’s Day Miracle: The Whole Family Together
  • Don’t Miss Mother’s Day – Bail Out Your Family!
  • Mom May Be Mad Now, But She’ll Be Relieved To Have You Home By Mother’s Day

Another California firm, Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds, also suggests bail bonds as a Mother’s Day gift idea, but with a twist: “What if Mom is the one in jail?” They so eloquently ask, “What better way to show mom you love her by getting a bail bonds company to help.”

In Memphis, the official Black Lives Matter chapter has launched a fundraising effort to bring black mothers home for the holiday, television station WREG reported in mid-April.

Data pix.

The group is focusing on Shelby County where records show nearly 274 women are in jail waiting for trial, according to the station's investigation. Sixty of those women, or nearly one-fourth, are in for misdemeanor crimes, such as driving with a suspended license or truancy.

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