Police investigating South Memphis homicide

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Sixty-eight homicides already this year in Memphis, and the number seems to be rising almost every day.

Police say the latest victim – a 32-year-old man – was shot to death as he sat in his car on Belz Boulevard near Latham Street in South Memphis early Saturday morning.

The people who call that neighborhood home say they never thought it would happen where they live.

"This neighborhood is very quiet," said Annie Conner, who lives just around the corner from where it happened. "Everybody watches out for each other."

She says the people on this block call it a "safe haven."

"We never have any trouble around here," she said. "Never."

Neighbor Paul Bell agreed.

"Everybody keep to themselves," he said.

But those accounts are a far cry from the scene early Saturday morning.

Police say the victim was sitting in his car when he was gunned down around midnight.

People in the neighborhood say they had no idea what had happened just feet from their homes as they slept.

"I didn't actually hear anything last night," said one neighbor. "I kind of slept through it all."

Conner says she didn't hear it either.

"I didn't hear nothing," she said. "I was out like a log. Just dead to the world, just about."

As investigators try to piece together what happened, it's still unclear if the victim knew his killer or if it was a random attack.

But those who live here say police are often in the area, driving up and down these streets.

Still, they'd like to see more of that.

"A little bit more patrolling at times would do," said one neighbor. "But they actually be through here a lot."

Others say it's a shame they have to be fearful of walking out their own front door.

"Stay inside," Conner said. "You're not even safe inside, I guess, because the bullet don't got no name on it and no sense of direction."

Police don't have any suspects.

If you know anything that could help, call Crime Stoppers at 528-cash.