North Memphis apartment tenants fed up with leaking ceilings, sewage in parking lot

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- From a hole in the roof to sewage leaking out into the parking lot, tenants at a North Memphis apartment complex are fed up.

Most recently, they say the weather caused a tree to fall down on their building, which left a mess that still hasn’t been cleaned up.

“The white stuff had started falling down first.”

Asia Morgan showed us the skylight she didn’t sign up for in her master bedroom.

She says a tree fell on the roof of the Cypress Gardens apartments last weekend.

“It started out small," she said. "So I was like, 'OK, it’s small,' but I started watching TV again and it was so big when I came back in my room."

She says the property manager hasn’t responded to her complaints.

"They're horrible," she said. "Horrible.”

She says it’s not the first time in her two years living there that she’s had problems. She says her hot water and stove just got fixed after being out for a month, and she often hears neighbors complain.

“Nobody got air over here.”

While we were there, we came across another problem.

“You see do-do turds," said tenant Beatrice Grandberry.

Sewage is running through one of the parking lots.

“It was all over here," said Grandberry.

She also says their manager won’t respond.

“She says it’s not her property; she’s just the manager.”

So we reached out.

“They snaked out the sewage drain yesterday," the property manager said over the phone.

“Okay, but there’s still feces in the parking lot," we responded.

She told us they’d send crews today and admitted they’re down maintenance workers.

“We’ve got some maintenance guys and a contractor, they’re coming out."

We'll be following up on that maintenance.

Tenants say code enforcement workers came out to assess the roof damage on Thursday. Those workers said the apartment managers are obligated to fix it by Saturday.