Covington parents trying to spread awareness after son was brutally beaten at school

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COVINGTON, Tenn. -- A Covington couple is trying to spread awareness after they say their son was nearly beat to death by another student at school. The teenager has multiple broken bones, a black eye and bruises down his neck, along with more injuries.

Due to possible litigation in this case, they wanted to remain anonymous for now.

“I have nightmares every night seeing my child's face like it was, and it's hard.”

The Covington parents are shaken up by the brutal attack their son went through last Tuesday.

“His eye sockets practically shattered.”

They told WREG their 14-year-old son was jumped in the Covington High School gym.

“I found out that a student decided to put rings on every one of his fingers except his thumbs and walked up to my child and just start beating the crap out of his face.”

They said they found their son several blocks away from the school with blood streaming down his face after it happened. He had to be rushed to the hospital.

His injuries are so bad, he’ll likely need surgery.

"[There are] multiple broken bones all through the whole right side of his face."

Police charged the 15-year-old suspect with aggravated assault. The report said the suspect told administrators they had an ongoing dispute and he wanted “to shut him up.”

“If he would've hit him any more than he did, the hospital says he would've been dead.”

Sadly, it’s not the first time they’ve dealt with bullying. Their other son, a special education student, is a common target at the same school.

“We've been to that school probably 50 times this school year to report bullying and everything else, and we feel it's just being swept underneath the rug.”

He said the principal told them this week there are no reports of those past meetings about bullying.

And they said two days after the incident, the suspect was allowed to come take tests at the school, despite being suspended.

He said they were told the principal made that decision, while their son had to get a medical exemption and is out for the rest of the year.

“They need to go through and redo all their procedures, the whole nine yards.”

We called and dropped by the Tipton County School District's superintendent’s office on Friday to get more information about this, but he never got back to us.

The family of the bullying victim is hoping to get policies changed and started a Facebook group called “Stop Bullying in Tipton County.”

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