Bride and her bridesmaids out thousands with no dresses two weeks before the wedding

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- LaTasha Harris had picked out the perfect dress for her wedding, but now she might never get to wear it.

"I've been depressed, very upset. I've been upset with myself because I can't believe I trusted this guy," she said.

Harris said she and her bridal party went to Red Suede Formal on Madison Avenue and ordered thousands of dollars worth of dresses from a guy named Rodney Thompson.

"He was just so attentive to my needs. I was like 'Oh my God.' As a bride it couldn't get any better," she said.

Harris showed us proof she and her bridesmaids paid by March. She even showed us emails from Thompson stating the dresses were on the way.

Several weeks later, they still don't have their dresses.

"That's five months he's had to order these dresses and give us whatever we paid for," said one bridesmaid.

Two weeks before her big day, she got a text saying he no longer wanted to work with them and would send them a refund in the mail.

She couldn't believe it.

"It's like what can I do? It's last minute," said Harris. "I don't have my dream dress. I don't have dresses for girls. Not only did I let myself down with trusting him, I let them down."

Harris called us 30 minutes before the story aired. He promised us refunds are in the mail and said he only refused to do business because a couple of bridesmaids paid late.

He also said Harris showed up to his home. Harris admits she did that because she was desperate for a solution.