Three shootings at local motels have businesses thinking about security

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Three shootings at three different motels have businesses and the people who stay at them on edge.

Two of the shootings resulted in homicides, forcing management to step up security.

But Harold Collins with the Shelby County Crime Commission told WREG's Kristen Holloway the real issue at hand is the lack of affordable housing.

"People are using motels and extended stays for residence, and when they have disagreements, these incidents occur on motel properties."

One such dispute at America's Best Inn cost a man his life Monday evening. He was killed on the balcony during a drive-by shooting.

"It sounded like somebody was shooting at each other. It didn't sound like bullets were just going one way."

Wednesday morning, two more men were shot at the Welcome Inn Motel on Summer Avenue. One was hit in the chest and the other in the side.

Several hours later, someone else was killed at the Motel 6 in West Memphis.

"It's crazy everybody pulling guns on everybody."

Tiffany Marie has been staying at America's Best Value Inn for the past two weeks. She said several kids were outside when shots were fired Monday.

"Everybody was outside. You know during the day everybody stays outside here and now since that happened, you don't see nobody come outside. That's real scary you can't come outside because people are shooting."

But she said the staff has since ramped up security.

"Ever since that happened they have been having police officers walk around here. But yeah, I do feel a little bit better now that they got police on patrol constantly."

But there is still a major concern for safety at Mid-South motels after four people were shot and two of them killed.

"As a community, we have to figure out what we need to do to assist these families and getting them into homes and permanent residences."

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