Thieves steal 6-year-old’s piggy bank during robbery

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Six-year-old Amaury Perez's dreams were shattered.

He's been saving up some money in his piggy bank for the baby brother he's expecting any month now.

"I wanted to do that."

But those plans were halted when two thieves dropped by his home on Pate Road and robbed the place last month.

"They made a lot of mess in our rooms."

Amaury's mom said the crooks first tried to get in the front door. When they couldn't, one jumped over the fence in the backyard and knocked out the window on the kitchen door.

The second was eventually let in through the front.

"They had knives and, I mean, if I was there with my little girl - I stay with her all day - I don`t know what would have happened," said Jasmine Lopez.

Thankfully, no one was home, but the men took $3,000 in cash and other valuables totaling thousands more.

"It was like $13,000."

They even took the piggy bank with the money for Amaury's new brother.

"It`s sad. It`s sad because we work so hard and so they just come here and take my stuff."

The family shared videos of the incident online. One of them was identified as 28-year-old Richard Saignapheth.

They are now looking for his accomplice.

"Just God bless him."

"You forgive him?"

"Yeah,  because it`s just material stuff, you know."

If you recognize the second suspect, call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.

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