More domestic violence reports uncovered in Commissioner Ford’s past

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Just hours after he appeared in court on aggravated assault charges from over the weekend, WREG has learned this is not the first time Shelby County Commissioner Justin Ford has been accused of attacking a girlfriend.

WREG's April Thompson uncovered three police reports dating back as far as 2005 involving Ford that have never been brought to light until now.

One of them happened in 2006 at a Cordova home that he shared with a girlfriend.

According to the Shelby County Sheriff's Department, the woman called police on September 30 after they got into an argument outside.

She said she told him to leave. He refused, assaulted her and threw her into a vehicle on the street.

The car owner told WREG what happened.

"I kept hearing screaming. It kept escalating. They were out here in the street. Then I hear this real loud like a bam. I can't describe. It sounded like a shotgun."

The neighbor said Ford's girlfriend was small in size and the damage to her car shows just how hard Ford must have  thrown her.

"The force he threw her to hit my car like that. The whole fender of it was mashed in like a vehicle had hit me."

She told Ford's girlfriend she had to go to court to get Ford to finally pay for repairs to her car.

"I would let her know things he would say. He was a Ford and he couldnt' have his name in the mud. I was trying to get his money."

Other neighbors had heard of the couples violent history.

WREG's digging uncovered two other reports between Ford and the same girlfriend.

In 2005, she said Ford became angry during an argument and started choking her.

And in 2010, the woman said after she pushed Ford, he punched her in the left side of her face.

"I am surprised it has not been in the news before now."

That's another thing we are digging into. We have the official reports, but it appears either no charges were filed or even the paperwork.

Whether Ford even went to court on these hasn't been easy to find for some reason either.

We have contacted both Ford and the girlfriend in the past incidents, but have not been able to reach either.

The girlfriend was not the same woman involved in Sunday's incident.

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