Dogs recovering from chemical burns as abusers sought

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- You wouldn't know it from her boundless energy, but Lacey the dog is lucky to be alive.

"She's way too excited."

Bandages concealed the burns on her back, but not on her head. The full extent of her injuries are so graphic, we've had to blur them out online and on-air.

Lacey was discovered like this in South Memphis days ago.

"There's a distinct pour pattern on this. You can see that somebody did this to her."

Andrea Adams with Big Fluffy Dog Rescue said the burns probably came from chemicals, and it looks like the very same thing happened to Cagney, who was picked up last week in Raleigh.

She still limps after someone poured chemicals all over her legs and genitals.

"Pretty much every place that you use to sit, she has very deep, thermal type burns," said Dr. Jessica Seratt with Wolfchase Animal Hospital.

She has been tending to both dogs since Saturday.

A full recovery could take weeks, if not months.

"It's very painful for her just to do normal activities."

As they continue to heal, Adams is urging anyone with information about their abusers to come forward.

"Someone saw something. Someone knows something about this dog and about who burnt her, and we need to find that out."

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