Cat survives being tortured and set on fire, owner warns pet owners

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MEMHPIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are investigating a gruesome crime after a cat was tortured and set on fire. His owner is vowing to nurse him back to health, but he has a warning for other pet owners.

Some of the images of Bo's injuries are graphic. Singed ears, broken teeth, his body burned so badly the skin is gone. His pain is obvious.

But through kind words, constant attention and a whole lot of vet trips, Paul Cook says 17-year-old Bo, affectionately known as BoBo, will make it, putting the nine lives theory to the test.

"It just brings me to tears," Cook said. "I try not to think about what he had to go through. I don't think a cat this old was meant to survive this. I don't think he was."

The nightmare started a few weeks ago. Cook saw Bo walking down the street totally fine.

A few days went by, and Cook knew something wasn't right when his beloved black Persian didn't return to their home off Victor Drive in Berclair.

Three days later on March 29, Bo came home almost unrecognizable.

Cook called police, who took a report.

"We can only go by what is obvious. It looks like he was caged in somewhere, they kidnapped him, caged him in and set a fire up underneath him."

Cook he has no idea who would do something so sick, so cruel. He's reminding pet owners to stay vigilant.

"There's a lot of crazy, sick weird people, and you need to watch over your pet," he said.

The road to recovery is long, lined with multiple surgeries costing thousands of dollars, but Cook says taking care of Bo has reminded him of the importance of patience and compassion.

"He's won me over hook, line and sinker. He's what I live for now."

Cook said even the Memphis police officers who took the report have called to check on Bo. He is scheduled to have surgery on Friday, and there will be more in the future.

Not only does Cook have to pay for Bo's multiple surgeries, but also cream for his burns, eye drops and daily medication.

If you would like to help Bo and Cook out with veterinarian expenses, you can click here.