Teen accuses West Memphis police of beating him up

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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. -- A swollen eye, crusted over blood and deep cuts all over his ear. These are the pictures floating around social media of Montana Ceaser.

His Facebook post said five West Memphis police officers beat him, but that's not the whole story.

WREG obtained the police report detailing the events that led up to the 19-year-old's arrest last week.

Police said they were trying to stop the car Ceaser was driving because it had the wrong tags, but he refused to stop, eventually bailing out of the vehicle.

They said he wouldn't cooperate when they tried to arrest him.

"I can`t say what happened `cause I wasn`t there and I`m just going by what I heard."

Ella Reed, the teen's grandmother, said she hasn't spoken to Ceaser since the incident.

West Memphis Police told us their lawyers have advised them not to respond to the claims because of statements he's reportedly made threatening to sue the department.

In the report, officers said they had to tackle Ceaser because he wouldn't obey commands to get to the ground. It was at that point that both he and an officer's face struck a brick wall.

Once the teen was on the ground, officers said he still wouldn't put his hands behind his back, and instead began trying to hit the officers. One officer struck him three times on his face with a closed fist.

Officers ended up citing Ceaser and releasing him to paramedics.

A captain to WREG he would have gone to jail but there are no hospitals in West Memphis, so he had to be released so he could seek treatment.

On the way to the hospital, Ceaser reportedly had the ambulance stop and got out, refusing further medical attention.

We tried reaching out to the teen but never heard back.

He was cited for resisting arrest, fleeing, careless and prohibited driving as well as some other driving-related charges.

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