Beaver waddles his way into Midtown Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- There's a new critter calling Midtown Memphis home.

It's not a possum or a squirrel -- it's a beaver!

"Beaver? I mean we get raccoons and every other kind of critter, but a beaver?"

Patrick Mccabe admits he was a little puzzled when he saw social media posts about the buck-toothed creature spotted at Central and Barksdale.

"So I went outside and took a look and darned if you wouldn’t, it’s sitting there on the street corner just kinda watching traffic go by."

Other witnesses back his story up. One Facebook user snapped his own photo saying, "Just saw him around 7 this morning in the same spot. He waddled into a landscaped flower bed."

But not everyone has seen the recluse, even this avid walker.

"I am not surprised. It’s a very rare occurrence to see a beaver."

People we talked to said overall the beaver isn’t a bad neighbor. They’re just concerned it might get hit by a car or eventually cause some long-term problems like backing up water or sewage."

While there might be concern what the beaver could do, there are others concerned with what could happen to it.

One person who posted one of the pictures told WREG the beaver should be left alone, while others want the beaver to be trapped and taken to a safer location.

"I think it’s kinda cool, kinda novel to have a critter in your neighborhood."

While Memphis is known for being located along the mighty Mississippi and Wolf River, it’s a mystery how it made its way into town.