Reports: 300 crimes reported in last two months near Highland Strip

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- In the past two months alone, there have been more than 300 crimes reported within a one-mile radius of the Highland Strip.

The most recent was reported Monday morning as employees at Ubee's were tied up and robbed.

Just three weeks earlier, shots were fired at the popular Cookout restaurant.

"Every night it's something happening over here. It used to didn't be like this when I came over."

Longtime residents like Johnnie Pitts, who's lived in the area 13 years, said the crime is worrying.

"Stay at home."

Alex Laird said it's really not all that bad; you just have to make smart decisions.

"Honestly, if you just sort of like, mind your business. Yeah, you have your freak accidents like people will just go in restaurants and stuff, but I try and like just be cautious as much as possible."

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