Police debunk claim they told woman to stop calling 911 hours before her death

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SANFORD, Fla. — A comment by police to “stop calling 911” was directed at a third-party complainant, not a woman who was murdered hours later, police said.

Police released 911 calls and body cam footage that show officers responding to two 911 calls early Monday morning.

Three hours before Latina Herring and her son were murdered, she can be seen on police body camera video arguing with her boyfriend, Allen Cashe.

Police were called to a WAWA at 3:20 a.m. Monday, then again 20 minutes later to a nearby home where the couple was arguing — though police said it didn’t get physical.

In the video, police are heard saying:

“She’s making false accusations it’s the second time she’s done it.”

“She’s been calling all night. She first said he had a gun when he didn’t.”

“We’re going to handle it, just stop calling 911 and making accusations that you don’t know about.”

Police said that was in reference to a “third-party complainant” who kept calling 911 while officers were on the scene. Police released extended bodycam video Monday that shows this.

Cashe is accused of taking his AK-47 and killing Herring and her 8-year-old son and attempting to kill her 7-year-old son, her father, and two other bystanders.


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