Three drivers carjacked on Memphis interstates

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Pulled over on the side of I-55 at 3 a.m. Thursday, Shelby Delaney and her boyfriend soon found themselves in the fight of their lives.

"Tried to take my wallet and I wouldn`t give it to him, so he hit me with a pistol on my head."

When she wouldn't surrender her phone, she said her attacker bit her right on the arm.

"He looked like he was high on something."

It all started when an older model black Honda Civic reportedly bumped her rental car as she was driving near East Shelby Drive.She got out to check for damage, and that;s when the passenger hopped out with a gun.

He then drove away with all of her stuff.

"I even told him, I said, `Please don`t do this, this is a rental car,` and he said, `Oh, it`s a rental car?` and he took off."

Just an hour later, Robert Haas said the same thing happened to him as he was driving home from work on I-240 at Walnut Grove.

"Walked around to the driver`s side and I walked with him and he turned around and said, `You want a bullet in your...?"

Thursday night, WREG reported how yet another man was robbed and carjacked by two crooks Tuesday. That incident happened on I-55 near Brooks Road.

Police said drivers should always call 911 immediately when involved in a car wreck. If you don`t feel safe, you can wait before police to arrive before you get out of your car.

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