Family caught in Amber Alert search speaks out

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Collierville Police released David Stamps from custody Thursday night after a national story unfolded around him and his van.

"I’m still baffled. I don’t know what all went down," he said.

He said he picked up his stepdaughter from school for a routine doctor visit. On the way, they stopped at a Collierville gas station to get a coke. That's when a man saw him with the 17-year-old and thought they were Tad Cummins and Elizabeth Thomas.

The pair has been missing for more than two weeks.

Meanwhile, Stamps continued on to the doctor appointment in Midtown. He said his van wouldn't fit in the high rise's parking garage so he parked next door at Krystal on Union Avenue.

"While in there, I was getting Facebook messages that my van was in this amber alert thing," he said.

He thought his electrician van had been stolen. When he walked outside he realized it was still there but also accompanied by police.

They told him the emergency caller thought his stepdaughter was Elizabeth.

"The police told me they didn’t really see me. They saw her and she has glasses and about the right age and long hair. So I could see it if they thought she was," Stamps said.

Police cleared him and he chalked it up to a case of mistaken identity. He told WREG he’s not mad. In fact, before Thursday he’d never seen the amber alert.

Now, both he and his wife feel connected to the case.

"All I can say my heart goes out to them. I'm disappointed as everyone they didn’t find the guy today," he said.

"I know they check out every source and every situation and everything and I do hope they find her," Michelle Stamps said.

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