Three multi-use developments in the works in Germantown

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. -- "It's all high-end oriented retail; both local and national tenants."

Germantown Town Center.

It's a new project in the works in the Shelby County suburb.

"When I describe it as a town center there will be retail space, apartments above the retail. There will be an office component of this project, a hotel, a theater is a part of it," said Germantown City Administrator Patrick Lawton.

It if all comes together, the new complex will sit on the south side of Poplar Avenue just next to Iberia Bank and Saddle Creek.

"I need more details, but I think it`s a good thing," said resident Lorainne Ferguson. "I think growth is always good. More taxes."

Most people we talked with who live, work and play in Germantown are excited about the project and want to see more growth for the city.

"Absolutely. I come out here for the restaurants anyway and the shopping," said Shelley Prest.

City leaders told WREG it fits right into the Smart Growth Plan and is just one of several projects in the process of turning Germantown into a more walkable community.

"The walkability is a huge part of it. One of our strategic measures deals with quality of life and placemaking, and with properties like Thornwood and what's going to be happening with the new town center."

Thornwood is at the corner of Neshoba and Germantown Parkway. It is another multi-use property that features apartments, shopping and dining.

The Hampton Inn on the property is slated to open in just a few weeks.

"The major building you see going up now that will be the headquarters for mid-America apartments."

To the west along Poplar near Kirby a third project, the Travure, is already underway.

"You are going to see a hotel at that end and an Extended Stay connected to that. A parking structure and also on that site there will be retail and dining."

City leaders said infrastructure is already in place to handle the increased traffic. They said overall the projects are a big win for the area.

"In a high tide, all boats rise. We feel that is going to happen. We feel it is going to have a very positive impact on Memphis, Shelby County and the city of Germantown."

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