Residents evacuated due to flooding in Gibson County

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BRADFORD, Tenn. --  "It was heavy. The back yard was completely flooded. You couldn't go out there and it was like ankle deep."

Roads were covered in water and debris after the city of Bradford was hit by powerful storms Monday afternoon.

Dominick Fowler said the sight was even worse when he drove into town.

"One of the ditch canals was overflowing. One person's yard had four cars that couldn't pull out. The water was up to the hood. Trucks were stopped because they didn't want to cross the water."

According to Bradford police, ten people were evacuated by boat including Betty Jones.

"They hollered from there to the house to see if we wanted to get out. Then they went and got the boat and we got on the boat."

Unfortunately the water damaged her car.

"It's water all in it and it won't crank so we don't know."

Water also filled her entire car port, rising to the top step just inches before going into her home.

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